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Finished week 5 29th May 2011

Hi all ! Just finished week 5 and getting on with it ! I must say I am getting more used to being a non smoker than being a smoker ! I am still at my worst in the morning - really grouchy ! However live alone so there is no poor sod to put up with me ! I decided early last week that I was not going to think about fags! As soon as the thought or image appeared I put it out quickly and thought about non smokers . Then I just went on to think about the day ahead ! My stomach is getting bigger !! x

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Well done Annie!!!



I fully respect your decision to quit. And acknowledge that it is INFINITELY harder to do this if you live alone. Been there! Lived alone. Could not give up for more than 4 hours!!! Lived with some one - could not give up at all!!!! Kids now left home - giving up is a piece of cake!!!


My stomach is getting bigger !! x

Geez, mine too. :( But hey we've got nice clean lungs instead!

Well done Annie. Your doing really great and making it sound so easy too :D


Great effort Annie.

And as we've said countless times before, a few extra pounds will come off in no time


Hi Nofagannie

Well done!:)

Had my last blip rather close to yours, smoked last 2nd May, now into 5th week, stopped nrt on the 31st as I'd been on that on & off for a long time and was down to 4x1.5mg a day, first three days a bit hard, now a bit easier but still finding I'm over-interested in food and having the odd weird craving for a mini lozenge, also finding it a bit hard to sleep sometimes, lucky I'm able to have a nap in the day-time sometimes. Find my regular church-going helps me to feel I'm doing the right thing, i belong to the church choir, I want my voice to be healthy for that, if no other reason.




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