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Strange feelings

Hi to anyone who reads this, I am 3months 5days quit and although i am pleased i keep feeling hot then cold sneezing but its not a cold because i dont have a runny nose and i dont feel fluey either. And in the pit of my stomach i feel anxious, i think, its just a strange feeling. I have become tired with no motivation and that is not me im always jumping up to do things. So why do i feel like this?. Is this the way we are meant to feel, yesterday i was a quiet person my oh wanted to know if i was ok, and i couldnt tell him why i was feeling strange. Why do i think about a fag but dont want one. Well i have done not much today had a lazy day. But i am still on nrt loz and finding it hard to come off them completly. Any suggestions.

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Sorry to hear you are not feeling great but by the sounds of it you are in the terrible 3s which for me was a bad place to be and nearly ended my quit but lucky for me it didn’t, so I would say just go with the flow for a couple of days and I am sure that your energy levels will rise again to insurmountable levels LOL.

If you don’t feel any better after a few days maybe you should think about seeing the doc as you could be suffering with a bit of hay fever.

This quitting lark can be a real pain but pains can be relieved cant they.


hang on in there

Hi Fleetwood

Massive congratulations on getting 3 months plus - I just put that into my calculator and it shows that you have NOT SMOKED around 1880 cigarettes and have added about a week on to your life :D

What you are feeling could be a cold - or hayfever - or it could be what they call 'quitter's flu' which feels like various cold systems but is your body getting rid of nictotine and smoking -related stuff - it affects your throat, sinuses, lungs, everything really like a cold but not all at the same time necessarily!

Chances are you will feel better in a few days so what ever you do stick with it and I hope you feel better soon ;)


Thankyou Jamangie and Stanley i think it must be the terrible 3's. Because i dont think i have hayfever. Thanks again.


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