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Day 4 - feel awful today

been looking through this sections is seems day 4 isn't a good day lol, something happened last night which stressed me out, im very annoyed about it, while it didnt bother me too much last night, its annoying me alot today, finding it hard just to let it go. Ive not eaten anything from around 1pm yesterday, this is how im coping with it not eating, can't be good can it, will try and eat something soon, might get rid of the bad feeling i have

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Please try and eat something, not only will it make you feel so much better and keep your blood sugar at better levels which affects how you are feeling but it will also give you something else to focus on for a little bit.

Day 4! Wow, seriously you are doing so very well, its people like you that show me this can be done. Please keep on keeping on x


thank you, thats made me feel so much better, i will eat something, think im getting over emoitional prob has something to do with not eating haha, thanks:)


Hi Caz,,,,,, sorry to hear that you are still annoyed with the Muppet , try not to let it bother you hun and as Loopy says gotta eat and keep ur blood sugar levels up now you have stopped smoking.

Well done HazCaz and Loopy ....YOU ARE BOTH DOING GOOD :D

I am just slipping into day 5 now and you are both hot on my heels .



Hi Cazz, its important to eat properly now u dont smoke as smoking stimulated the release of blood sugars giving you energy, its best not to get hungry coz our brains can register it as a crave to smoke. the best thing is slow release high carb low sugar stuff . keeps u ticking over all day .treat yourself like a top athlete...Mashx


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