8 weeks done

Well I have just gone past the 8 week point of my quit. All seems to be going well and I am now down to the 7mg patches. I do seem again to be getting a little bit irritable and short with people. I say again because on my previous quits when I have gone down to 7mg patches or off them completely, I do find I get irritable.

However, I am more positive this time and feel really good to be past the 2 month point.

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  • Congrats to you on your 8th week. Its lovelly seeing everyone getting on so well and you should be so proud of yourself as we all are of you. Congrats and here's to the next 8 :)

  • Stick with it Woody

  • Hi Woody,

    Well done on your 8 weeks!!!

    Keep up the spirit.


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