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Day 14

Hi everyone.

I have now reached the 2 week milestone and I am so proud of myself. I have gone further than what I did on my last quit which also feels like an achievement.

As far as the craves go there pretty much non existant at the moment. As soon as I get up the patch goes on straight away and betime I've drank my first cup of tea I think it's already starting to work.

The patches are also on sale at the moment £5 off which is a bonus. I don't get the ones on perscription because I prefer the nicorette patches, plus the chemist is only at the end of my street lol.

My blu ray player will be here on monday :D and I bought my first blu ray film yesterday, Pineapple Express it was only a fiver.

Thanks, Daniel.

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Great job Daniel!

Isn't it great to have that extra cash?

Keep it up and you'll soon be in the penthouse.



Thanks Alex, yeah there's no way I'd be able to fork out 90 quid for a blu ray player when I was smoking.

Cheers Karri, and a month will be my next milestone lol can't wait for that. I have the hangover in my iTunes library I love it, part two is coming out in the cinema next week too :) the trailer looks well funny.


LOL! Going to the cinema as a non smoker is alot better too because you can actually enjoy the end of the film instead of thinking I can't wait to get outside and have a cig :D


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