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Just to say hi!

Hi all...just joined the forum today. Stopped smoking 8 days ago...trying cold turkey some great ideas on the forum for staying off the dreaded weed.

Previously stopped for around 7 years using a session of hypnotherapy but a few months ago went back on them and now need to quit again.

Good luck to everyone and hopefully I can help others as well as get advice and support from the great people on this site.

Well done to all those in the second week



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Hi Carol welcome, they are all a friendly bunch on here, any advice etc.

Can't believe you went back after 7 years:eek: Must have been something bad and you have your reasons.

Good luck. Maria.:)


Hello Carol and welcome to the forum; it really is a fab place for information and suport.

I am sorry, I too, like Una, want to know what makes people start smoking again; I asked Sophie the same thing in a post earlier today.

Many of us are reasonably new to our quits, both sure and unsure, weak and strong.... I suppose we want to know, was it so easy to begin again? Was it a conscious choice, an accident. We don't want to delve into private lives by any means, just the thought process if there was one.

Sorry, I have wanted to know this from others for so long; fear niggling in the back of mind "can I do this forever"; is worst over???



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