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I'm now called 'The Witch' :-(

Well its nearly a week and I've not cracked, but I'm not a very nice person at the moment to put it mildly!! :mad:

The kids have re-named me 'The Witch'- even the dog flinches when I enter a room! I have no patience and the swearing-:o !!

Now I know its normal but I might not have any friends left at the end of it !!

Any one else slightly evil?

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HI Helen 35

Hi there Helen 35

I have been called a lot worse than that lol. It will get easier as you progress Helen but this is what we all go through when Quitting. Have a read through all the posts because there are links that will help you, never think you are alone.

This forum is designed for people like yourself and me also, I find it very helpful you can have a good ole rant if you want too. Everybody on here are so helpful and very supportive.

I hope you don't give in, because it doesn't change things about how you feel. It will probably make you feel down right fed up. I know I have come very close to having a fag, I even rolled one one day, but I never gave in to it.

Anyway best of luck.



I've been the same Friday and Saturday being the worst thankfully I've a very patient husband!! Feeling great today and knowing I have coped through the weekend it making me feel very positive!! It will pass! Best of luck with your quit x


Hi - i've been quit a week today and i have felt out of sorts. Not moody but distracted, impatient and agitated. Won't give in to it but it is an odd feeling. I've got that feeling that i'm missing something, or forgotten something.

One thing i have been thinking about... i did try and quit a good few years ago and it wasn't a success, but each and every day i tried and tried again to stop, to no avail. The battles i went through in my head, the frustration with myself and the guilt for failing was much, much worse than the feelings I am experiencing now.

One thing we can console ourselves with is that if we see this through, all these moods and symptoms will fade in time but if we start again, we set ourselves right back to square one.

Good luck - we all need it, plus a big dollop of willpower!


Been called hell of a lot worse - you will get there - try and vent your rage and anger at something like a pillow, a workout, punchbag, or a screaming song at the top of your voice (preferably in the car with the windows up). Anything to release the anger and then breath :D


Hello Helen and congratulations on your quit! I seem to have been going thru permanent PMS with my quit. I am not angry just permanently impatient and slightly bitchy. My poor Mum is here for a visit and I think she regrets it! Kids and hubby are finally getting impatient with me, but all are glad that I am not smoking. They keep taking polls and agreeing that a cranky tubby Mum is better than one that is dying of cancer. I know it will get better. We will survive this.


by the by, on other quits, I never gained the weight and I was serene and happy I was quitting. Longest I ever went was 3 wks! This time its been H[LL, but its working


Have to agree with bbbreezy - being a little irritable has to be better than being a smoker surely ?

I'm only 7 days into my quit and don't think I've been miserable, though I'm a little worried that your quit date was Jan as everyone kept telling me that once you're through the 4 week barrier the cravings disappear...


Sorry to hijack this link, but in response to Horse my CRAVINGS stopped at about 65 days or so. Until then, I would almost have traded a child for a pack of smokes. This was a very unserene quit for me, but the only one that has taken. Several times a day now I get the time for a smoke feeling, but it is brushed off immediately. I have coped with many crisises during this quit to do with our finances and business and am able to do so without a smoke. It sounds so stupid, but quitting is both the hardest and easiest thing I have ever done. Why could I not have done it years before!

We all have it in us to quit and stay quit!




OK thanks bbbreezy.

You can only go by your own experiences I guess, I feel I've broken the 'habit' (the smoke after dinner, when driving etc), and I have to say that I've experienced fewer cravings than I expected, it's trying to understand when the mind might be free of the thought process....


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