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No Smoking Day
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Day 10

Hello again everyone.

Today as been easy again overall, I just had a bit of a crave this morning. The thought of going to the shop and buying some cigs pops into my head on some mornings, then I realise I have no money 'til I get paid tomorrow, so I think it's propbably a good thing that I've not had any money for the past week. I need to make my money last though if I want this blu ray player and I won't be wasting it on smelly cigs! :)

Thanks for reading, Daniel.

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Thanks Karri.

I dunno I've not decided yet, I'll probably have a look round town and see what's cheap lol. I think the new ones are about £15 but you can get them pre-owned for cheaper.


Yeah, I have an account with them so I'll check their site when I get the player. I think I'll be able to order one in a couple of weeks (giving that I stay off the cigs) I can't wait ha.


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