No Smoking Day
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im still here!

Im still here all, hope everyones quit is going well, mine is as I still havent smoked since January, still cant believe it.

Just wanted to say Ive seen a few people struggle with thier quits lately because of the warm weather and thinking about the sunny beer gardens etc. Hope you can all stay strong. The warm weather is not an issue for me though, Im actually the oppisite as I prefered smoking in the cold in winter, so its winter Im dreading, also made harder that there arent many 10k's to sign up for at that time of the year which is always my incentive to stay quit. So I am worried about relapsing in winter but hope I can stay strong.

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YOu shoul dhave a look at this one instead. That'll give you something to do in the winter. My brother was going to do it but broke his leg and couldn't.

Well done on still not smoking.



Thanks levs, think Im still a way of the fitness level required to run a marathon though, just sticking to 10k's for now :)

Sorry to hear about your brother, hope he's back on his feet soon :)


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