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Feelings of missing something


Day 30

I just wrote a really long post about a recent hospital visit with my son and not thinking about smoking. It took me ages.

I spell checked it all, added my smilies, then went to post it and it was gone. Not happy. If i can be bothered i'll write it again later but i'm fed up now...which brings me onto what i was going to say...

Missing something.

How can i get rid of this feeling or what can i do instead :eek:.

Just ...missing... like someone has walked out of the room and not come back.

Its obviously missing going for a ciggie but being a non smoker :p i won't do that any more. I have tried just going outside for some air or even taking grapes (chocolate really :o) out there but it still feels as though something is missing.

I've tried alcohol at the weekends but thankfully that doesn't help either.

When will this stop?

I never feel totally satisfied and relaxed. I'm always... just... waiting for something lol.

Now i just sound crazy. :rolleyes:

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Karen I remember me feeling the same, Jack answered me and said it is because we had cigs with us for so long.

If we were happy we had a cig, if we were sad we had a cig, if we were stressed we had a cig, we always had our buddy by our side. Well so called buddy, a real buddy won't give you all the bad things this one does. It takes time for our brains to accept there's no nicotine going there any more.

So the feeling of missing something will go eventually Think I've replaced mine with a mint! don't like gum. Hope this helps and you'll feel better soon.:o



It does get easier honest.

I went through exactly the same. It was a feeling of emptyness/sadness/loss. This actually made me feel very depressed and I thought it would never go away. I spent many a night in tears feeling very sorry for myself. I kept thinking if I smoke it will go away. I just felt like something was missing and I felt very sad because of it. But here I am (week 18 on Monday). I go days now with out thinking about ciggies. It will pass just keep going.

I too have had the same feelings, feeling sad and empty, it is horrible and makes it so hard not to cave in, but it does pass and now I feel great that I didn,t give in. Keep going its so worth it

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