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No Smoking Day
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Day 6 - better !

Felt a bit better today . Watched the royal wedding and was okay ! Still a wee bit unfocused but a lot better . The evening was the calmest I have felt and I was talking to a friend who is still smoking . She said I looked and sounded the calmest she has ever seen me . I must admit I felt great tonight . I could talk to her for ages without withdrawls . She was considerate enough not to smoke when I was dropping her off . I hope I have now turned the corner on the constant craving ??

Thanks to Karrie for your comments on day 5 .

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The fact you can talk to your friend who still smokes without getting any serious cravings is already a good sign that you are well on your way to a successful quit.

Well done you!



Great eh?

Yes ! Thanks folks . The wedding was fantastic and had a wee tear in my eyes ( no not cravings this time !) I am just so relieved tonight that I am calmer . You get glimpses of the future and it looks and smells good ! God is wonderful !


Hello Frances,

CONGRATULATIONS on your first week completed!! Doesn't it feel grand.

Have a great day Frances



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