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Day 5 ( Thanks Jen,Carrie,bbbreezy )


Thanks for your replies at day 4 . Feeling bad tonight !! I am starting to think there is something wrong with me - I cant do this !! It is the nights on my own that is really bad . I think I just about could tollerate being on my own when I was with my ciggs . Now I feel a life sentence has been decreed - I was feeling so low I had a wee cry . I do get brief moments of feeling great and look forward to the future . I must admit the fags took that feeling away when I was chain smoking !! OH GOD THIS SO HARD ! I shall pray when I get to bed . I just wish I could feel knackered the way I was when smoking tired me out - well not really ! However just feeling really tired would help but I am wide awake at nealy midnight and did a healthy day's work ! I appear to be getting worse or is this to be expected ? Perhaps it is the natural transition being on the patches 21mg . Maybe Munros the chemist ( who were not that obliging initially ! Told me they were too busy the following week after the initial consultation to give me the patches ) have given me out of date patches ? There should be 12 step programmes like AA for nicotine addiction . Step 1 - 'admit we were powerless under the influence' of nicotine !

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Thanks Karrie

Yes I eventually got to smoking cessation class and registered with them .They even gave me clear patches instead of the big chunky elastoplast look alike ones from Munros . Well hope tomorrow day 6 is a bit better ? Thank you so much Frances

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