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Day 9 done Day 10 coming ... YEAH

Guys I managed day 9 .... actually due to the time difference for me it is day 10 now ... and I feel really this is going to be a good day ... I woke up and I could tell ... I am actually quite confident today to say ... NO I DON't SMOKE ANYMORE .... I never believed I would get to this point ... I quit many times always to relapse after a few days ... but I always had still this tiny doubt sitting there ... And was not sure if I really wanted to stay off it ... I think this was the seed that killed it ...

This time it is different ... I feel no doubt anymore ... my Nicotine Monster is dead since Day 8 ...

I am free ... I don't want to smoke any more ... seriously ... NO MORE CIGARETTES FOR ME ... :D

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Fantastic!!! Congratulations on being a quitter :) I know what you mean I think I was about day 8 before I put the signature in, writing my quitting date. Doesn't it feel great. When I need to remind myself that I don't smoke it brings a smile to my face. I finally beat it.

We are no longer the odd man out, still smoking. Not wanting to go to restaurants because we couldn't sit there and enjoy a smoke with our drink after dinner.

It's the best feeling ever!! Congratulations once again, keep it up, and before you know it week 2 will come then a month etc. etc and all the time you can smile and pat yourself on the back for being the winner of a difficult battle..

:) :)


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