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back to day 1 again

i stopped on the 31st march and after having a terrible week i caved in yesterday,could kick myself now so to any one that is struggling you will only feel worse if you give in as i do now,but i am going to try put it behind me and get on with it from today,i find it difficult dealing with my stresses and after my son splitting with his partner to be told that my grand daughter is moving miles away was just too much for me to deal with and i have a feeling we will not be seeing her again so i know that is why i did it thinking i would feel better but i truly DO NOT,so here i am again back to day 1 realising it has not eased anything and smoking is not going to change things,

good luck to everyone on this forum.


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That is an awful time you're going through but at the same time I'm so glad you realised that smoking doesn't solve it or make it easier. It does absolutely nothing but make you feel awful! I hope things pick up for you and yours.


keep it going

Hi Cath,

so sorry to hear about your problems, but it is good that you realised the ciggie didn't change anything, I hope you do keep on quitting FOR YOU. You are going through tough times at the moment so dont beat your self up on giving in to the demon, it will always try to get you when you are vulnerable.

be Strong :D



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