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Day 4


Hey everyone I've made it to day 4. I've found it quite easy to be honest, I've done it that many times I must be getting good at it lol. It's quitting long term where I struggle, I'm just taking it one day at a time at the moment. So hopefully this will be my final quit. The hot weather isn't even bothering me now, but thats probably because I've got a patch on. I think I'll keep a pack of step 3 patches when I come off them for emergencies.

Daniel :)

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I've started smoking again :( I thought I was ready to quit, but I've been to my mates bbq today and started smoking again. I couldn't handle sitting in the sun with my mates while they were smoking. I'm gonna get back on the quit on tuesday when the chemist opens because I need more patches. So hopefully I'll be posting in day 1 on tuesday.


Thanks karri, I don't know how I'm gonna get past it other than keep trying, if there's one thing I'm good at with quitting smoking it's, not giving up on quitting. I've been trying to quit for over a year now, I only started smoking in 2008 but I have a problem with my stomach and smoking makes it worse. I think once you get the first month out of the way it gets easier, and I just need to learn to get past the hot weather without smoking which I am determind to conquer this year :)


Yeah I know I'll win in the end lol. I think this site is great for support because in my house no-one smokes and they've never smoked. So comin on here is good speaking to other quitters. Thanks again karri and I hope your quit works out.


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