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No Smoking Day
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Week 10 coming up

At which point I will not have smoked 1,400 fags. Wow! Think about that number - 1,400. Doesn't mean a lot, until I think of smoking one. Leaving my desk at work, leaving my mates in the bar... Now, 1,400 times I have not done that.

I have a little confession to make. I still have part of the pack that was left over when I quit in a drawer in my bedroom. I don't know why, just can't seem to get rid of them. They never get touched. Not even when I come home drunk.

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And here's something even more amazing.

Let's say you spend about five minutes each fag.

1400 x 5 is 7,000. Which divided into hours is more than 116 hours!

116 HOURS you've reclaimed!


Congratulations Fencer. That's brilliant. You should be so proud.

Helen x


Well done Fencer week ten for me on Tuesday.


Well done Fencer your doing really well.


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