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No Smoking Day
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Four months (and one day)

Four months quit yesterday. I can't quite believe I've gone all this time without a single smoke.

I don't 'crave' any more. Can't say I never think 'oooh, I could really smoke now' because that would be a big fat lie. But, it's different. I know I've made it through such hellish days of craving that these thoughts are a walk in the park.

I feel SO MUCH HEALTHIER. Am starting to deal with the weight I put on due to being a food-hoovering nutjob. My asthma is gone, my breathing is amazing (when I look back at the state of my lungs before I quit, I am genuinely horrified, and this above everything else keeps me going through the 'urges'.) My Wii fit age is 25, for heaven's sake, how much better does life get? :D

I will never be complacent. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that one puff would be my downfall. I can not allow myself to cheat. Ever. But it's worth the vigilance. Life is immeasurably better smoke free.

New quitters, please stay strong. I honestly believed I was one of those people who could never quit. I've proved myself wrong, and you can too. There's light at the end of the tunnel. Keep going, one crave, one day at a time: you won't regret it.

Happy Easter


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Very well done Helen 4 MONTHS great news, hope I feel the same at 4 months getting better at nearly 10 weeks, but still want one occasionally. You deserve a big treat.

Bet. x:)


Helen that is brilliant and you sound in a good place with your quit, well done. X


Congratulations Helsbelles keep it up strong and positive one day at a time.:D


Congratulations to you!!!!


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