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Its all good

Hi folks, im now entering my 4th week. Wow i am amazed. Firstly that iv actually managed to quit and secondly that it has been relatively easy. I know for many it is really difficult so i dont want to sound like im gloating.

Its for 2 weeks before i quit i convinced myself that it was going to be the hardest thing ever, i thought i was going to be an emotional angry mess. Im the opposite

less stressed

feel healthy

have bundles of energy

feel happier


more able to deal with crap being thrown my way in a rational manner

my dog is happier(more walks lol)

my kids are proud of me

i smell good

i dont have cravings no more

motivated to work out more

more money

more time

My one regret is i wish id done it sooner but hey ho. During my quit iv had quit a few personal issues going on, worried about my little boy but he's now been given the all clear (phew). My husbands just recovering from 2 major ops which has put a huge strain on my marriage (which is going downhill fast).

But i got through by thinking smoking will not make any of this better. Im using patches and for the first week read paul mckenna book and used this forum aswell as will power. I WILL NEVER SMOKE AGAIN and it feels good to say that:). I enjoyed my cigs but i enjoy my life now more. I wish you all the best in your quits and i am living proof that it can be done:)

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Bl^^^^dy well done t0 you hun,.

A quit is hard with every day goings on so to still be quit through your experiences is damned good going. Amazing what we can do when we need to.

Hope everything with your family turns out to be ok.

Love, G xxo


Brilliant achievement especially under difficult circumstances, well done x


What a fantastic post, and well done Jo!! :D

It's just brilliant that you've managed to stay so positive, even when under stress and I really hope things improve for you soon.

As for the not smoking - just carry on as you are - you're doing brilliantly! :D


Thanks everyone, even though life has thrown many things at me, i just think i cant change it so i carry on trying to be happy and deal with things one day at a time.

I really am happy and i know the tough part will be staying a non-smoker for good but I WILL. You lot are all fantastic and i truly believe that its with support from you all and this forum that has enabled me to have the will power to follow this quit through.:p


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