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no more smokescreen

42 days since i quit. think about them all the time in a I used to smoke and now i dont kind of way. find myself in situations where i remember smoking being part of that situation like watching the sun go down, a little voice tries to say this situation wont be any good without one but its just a little voice, not even a voice just a memory of one. this happened yesterday and i found myself being drawn into a life will never be any good mindset, but i let it go and took a drag on my now empty inhalator and watched the sunset and it was alright. i then cycled 5 miles and noticed how much fitter i am which reinforced my reasons to stay quit. I later had a near death experince with a car and my temper absolutly exploded and i would have happily killed the guy if hed not been protected by his car.Has the world suddenly given birth to more vileness or was it always there just behind the smokescreen.will have to watch myself as im starting to feel strong and indestructable. im finding my tolerance for fools isnt what it used be either. maybe thats a good thing. I wont be posting for the next few weeks as im off to France with some friends to chill deep in the countryside. will chew on my inhalator while they smoke like chimneys and swig wine . I'll be sticking to coffee. alcohol is too risky and i cant abide hangovers.

all the best Mashx

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Nicely said Mash! You enjoy your trip your way!!

Happy Easter :)


great stuff mash!

have a good holiday !


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