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Day 5

I'm feeling okay so far. well so far so good. I only have a few cravings here and there, nothing major. my main problem is sleep or should i say the lack of it. as the days have gone on the less i seem to want to sleep. I guess this probably normal to having nicotine in my body for over 30 years. i seem to want to fall asleep late afternoon early evening tho.

I would also like to point out that in my past failed attempts i was taking microtabs and i think it's the same with all NRT. you're not really freeing yourself from the nicotine, just receiving it a different way. the 3 times i was on NRT lasted about 6-12 months each time before i gave in.

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Hi Nickone

I am on day 5 too and feeling the same. Sleeping has been difficult, although I feel wiped out during the day. Apart from that, I was feeling quite cranky and snappy yesterday (more so than usual...ha ha) but a bit better today. I am doing the Allan Carr method and not using any NRT. Is that the same as you? Maybe we can encourage each other. I was a 15-20 a day smoker for 23 years. Definitely time to stop and stay stopped!!


Hi Albali. Well done for making it this far as well. My first 2 days where the worse. Ye I am doing exactly the same, no NRT 100% cold turkey. I think it's the best way to stop. I have tried NRT in the past and have always gone back to smoking again. I guess this is because you're still taking nicotine. It's day 6 for me now and sleeping is still a bit rough for me. waking up and clock watching troughout the night. I heard it gets betters once we adjust to being a non-smokers. :)


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