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Bleeding gums!!


Hi all,

Im on day 20 and for the last 2 days my gums have been bleeding. I got quite panicked but i called my dentist and made an appointment for a check up. I spoke to the dental nurse and she told me not to worry as your gums can bleedn when you quit. She said just to keep up with my dental hygiene.

I was just wondering if any of you have suffered with this?:confused:

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Hi Jingle

Smoking often masks gum problems as it constricts the blood supply so once you quit your gums can start to bleed. If you do a search on here you'll see how common it is.

It's a good idea for a check up - I had problems with my gums for a while but a check up and scale and polish did the trick. It's reassuring to know that there's no underlying problems either :)

Hope they improve soon!

Side effects

It's funny isn't it. :D

The amount of weird, scary, horrible side effects there are from just putting a small white stick in our mouths for years. I think when the goverment say 'smoking kills' i think they should be more secific about how smoking stops things working properly, changes our bodies have made to cope. Do you know what i mean?

If they were to state all the aide effects of quitting on the patch packets, i don't think anyone would quit. Its like a game finding new things arising every day.


Well done getting three weeks sorted, you are doing great.

The info may be a bit late as your post was dated 20th but if you still want to type 'bleeding gums' into the search tab at the top of the page you will find lots of posts from people having had this problem.

Best wishes.


thanks everyone, the bleeding has calmed down a little now. Although i spoke to my dentist ans she said it is very normal and common after quitting smoking. im going to the dentist next week for a good scale and polish so i will have sparklers after lol!!

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