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New here - day 4 and feeling vile!


I have read with interest all the posts here. What an amazing site. I am on day 4 and while I'm not craving fags and not even contemplating buying any, I am feeling really rubbishy! Going cold turkey and the Allan Carr method. The giving up hasn't been hard but today I actually feel nauseous, tired, light-headed and sooo cranky! Very moody, snappy and emotional! Is this normal?? I had hoped that by day 4 I would be feeling better!! As I said, no cravings but feeling very grumpy!!!!:(

Forgot to say I was on 12-15 a day for 24 years.

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You sound like someone whos just quit smoking. you no longer have your security blanket. iv qit for 6 wks was a bit grumpy until i accepted that i dont smoke, im using patches and inhalator so maybe that has helped i think what your experiencing is very normal, sorry i cant be of further help the tiredness and lightheadedness sound familiar though



Hang in there as I am on day 4 also . On the patches and use the losenges when it get's tough . Try and read no smoking stuff ie internet or get Alan Cars book . Remember we are drug addicts and we need to feel the pain to get it into our brains that smoking is drug addiction . I said to myself at one point today 'okay hit me with all you have got - you nicotine devil and I will still not take you '


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