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My update

Hello all

I hope this thread finds you all well?

Just a little update from me, here I am on Day 83, which is a bit WOW!!! I am really pleased with myself, although not that pleased with my ever increasing belly size!!!

I've just got back from a week away with my wife and kids and also my in laws, who are smokers but have cut down dramitcally ironically after hearing about me and my quit. Anyway, I was a bit worried that I might lapse, but managed to stay strong and I am proud to say that I continue to be smoke free.

I had some really interesting chats with my in laws about smoking, non smoking and different quit techniques. I did pass on the details of this forum to them as I do not think I could have managed to get this far without the help of you all.

Mnay thanks and take care

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Nice one Shaun, glad you stayed committed to your quit........ especially with you being on holiday and others smoking around, well done!


you should be in month three then, well done on your quit!


Great news Shaun, really pleased for you


Brilliant Shaun. Not only smoke free yourself, but really inspiring others. Something to be truly proud of.

Congrtualations. Onwards and upwards to the penthouse!

Helen x


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