No Smoking Day
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Olympic champion

Am feeling really really proud of myself. :D

I am on the right track in the correct race.

Minding my own business, not disturbing anyone else.

I haven't asked for peoples opinions so have no interest on hearing then anymore i'm afraid.

But why do some people feel the need to just keep putting hurdles in my way? :confused:

Are you scared i will gain the prize?

No matter how high the hurdles are or how close together, they can not bring me down. They can't trip me because i will be the winner in this race.

They can't carry on with the race so they want you to stop with them.

Well no.

Leave me alone.

I'll carry on running. Feeling the air in my lungs.

You go outside for a fag! :p

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Luckily I don't have anyone like that trying to sabotage me (this time).

I have experienced it before, and I do believe it's a combination of jealousy and fear that some day they will be the last person on earth still smoking.

.......if they live that long......


i feel exactly the same as you with the smokers,i live with 2 and i am sure the behaviour i dont want to say jealousy but i think it niggles them that i am actually staying stopped and i have been a heavy smoker,the last time i quit i remember a friend calling and her and my husband ended up in an in depth conversation about the cost of them,how cheap to buy abroad all sorts and i am sure if i had been sat puffing with them that conversation would not have happened but it so annoyed me and it happens all the time,so called friends have actually offered me one after weeks of been smoke free but now i just think i am stronger than you so may be they do feel weak has i do believe most smokers would like to be free of it,good luck on your quitxx


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