No Smoking Day
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Good Morning Day 3

Last night had to be the worse sleep ever. I basically kept waking up throughout the night clock watching every hour or so, which increased until to every 15-30 minutes before i woke up. I didn't wake up with a stiff jaw like I did yesterday. I've had a few urges since i've been up and guess some are out of habbit and the rest is withdrawal trying to get a fix. when will it learn isn't going to get anymore fixes ;) right off for a bath and then for a power walk. i've kept myself mainly indoors for the last two days to help me cope with it. hopefully i will make it throguh the day without going crazy.. i'll update later on

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Glad you are still hanging in there. You've got the right attitude and getting out for walks is the best thing to do.. I never thought I could do it and I just hit day 7. You're almost there!!

have a super night



Thanks guys. I think it was a combination of things keeping me a wake last night. It's was really hot plus the withdrawal. I think the key is to keep busy as it takes your mind of it all. :)


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