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Day 1

I am just starting my Day 1 and really happy that my quit has started. I have all the tools I need to get through so now it's down to me to keep focussed and committed.

I know I will get cravings but I get those even when I smoke. The difference now is I'm not going to give in to them and commit to my quit.

Looking forward to being healthier, smelling nicer and of course spending all that extra money.................................on chocolate probably :)

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Good woman!

You will get cravings and a bunch of different thoughts and urges and promptings and inner conflicts and blahblahblahdeblah... this you know.

Recognise them, acknowledge them, and then say NOPE! And keep your chin up and keep fighting through and you WILL make it.

With you all the way xxx


Karri we are all the way with you. Keep repeating this, no, no,no,

Jack x


you can do it karri....if we can do it so can are not alone here hun! will be checking in on you :cool:


Congratulations on your Day 1! You can do it!!! :cool:


I know you can do it Karri!! Keep the focus and you've got the right idea, any problems come here and let it out. We are here! :) xx


YAY Karri

This will be the one - now just stay away from the old wacky fruity backy and all will be good!!:D


Morning Karri

Look in the mirror, tell yourself you're gorgeous and that you're a NON-smoker! Do that every time you go past something shiny!

Good luck! Postive vibes coming your way!


Great to see you back on the road again karri.



Come on Karri you go girl you CAN do it. x:)


Go girl, I know you can do it - stay positive and munch on chocs as much as you like guilt free xxxx


Thanks for your messages Dale, Mash and Bet. Still going :)

Tracey, I think if I eat anymore I will end up on a Channel 4 fatty documentary lol x x

Does that mean we will see you on TV?:rolleyes: I don't care if you take up my whole widescreen TV as long as you are not smoking.:D:D



Good job

Keep it up.

We will support you and chear you on..

Oh the food. LOL I think I'm going broke eating everything i see. LOL..

I'm cooking fish patty as I type. haha.. I do like the 2kg I've gained since I quited..


my jaw hurts from eating so much. my belly aches cos i have stratched in beyond normal limits. i could go on working my way down my body but think it best to stop here.

on a good note i can take a good deep breath and inhale like the vics advert geezer which is a first!

i can taste the difference between average coffee and cheap coffee.

even better decent chocolate tastes so much nicer!


and i believe yours will too once you get past the 7day battle. know its not easy but you will get there and then i expect you to brag so bad that no one on this forum can miss it!


Best of luck to you Karri - you can do it! I'm a day behind you and you can inspire me! ;)


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