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Stepping down on patches????

Hi folks,

Im now on day 18 woohoo!!. So far so good. I dont put my patch on until 11 am and take it off at 10pm ish. I was wondering when should i move down to the next patch. Im feeling good and not having cravings just a few thoughts about smoking. Getting more used to not smoking now. I must admit im a little apprehensive about cutting down because so far its been fairly easy with few cravings. But is this just because im still getting the nicotine and is the hard part still to come??????:confused:

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Firstly really well done on the 18 days - fantastic JJ!

My advice having gone down the gum route not the patches, but same effect - (I cut that down to the lighter sort and then cut it out altogether) - just stop using the patches completely. I really wish I had stopped the gum sooner. Yes it did get me through the first few weeks, but in the end all it did was give me jaw-ache and put off the time when I went nicotine free!!

I had 2 days of feeling a bit uptight once I'd dropped the gum and then.... nothing. The odd habit-style wanting a cig, but that's it really. 18 days is a good solid quit and by now you'll be over most of the habit stuff. Why not try one day without patches, knowing you can plonk one back on if it gets too much?

Good luck and thanks for the love etc earlier!!:D


Thanks dd, i might just give it a go 2moro. I feel quite strong in my quit and determined.

Thought you needed some love and peace earlier lol!!!:)


Can't advise I'm afraid, but let us know how it goes!


What did you decide Jo? Have you dropped down to the 14mg patches?


through past experience personally i would not drop down yet but i know we are all different,i have done this in a couple of past quits and it was too soon for me,i have decided this time that i am going to keep on the high patches for the 6 weeks then drop down,you may not need as long as that but i know for me it would be too soon,i have had a good couple of days and then out of the blue it can change in a minute so that is my advise,good luck to you and everyone else on the quitting journey,i am on day 20 today and now and again still feel a bit jittery although i made it through my birthday on sunday,it was a real test for me but felt so good that i made through although i had lots to drink i still felt sober,good luck to all of youxxxx


Hi folks, well i saw the nurse today and iv decided to stay on the 21mg patches for another week, so therefore i'll be doing four weeks on them in total. Then she gave me my next prescription for the 14mg. Im going to do 6 weeks on them. And take it from there. Thanks for all your advice and hope your all well xxx:cool:


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