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Day 2


I feel like i am going crazy right now. the feeling of my withdrawal is dizziness, itcy skin, muscle tension, irritation, etc. i can't seem to keep still or focus on anything apart from the craving feeling. I took my last nicotine microtab on saturday night. i didn't like the side effects from the NRT and took up to 10 X 2mg tabs a day. maybe the withdrawal would be easier if was on one or two tabs a day instead. the problem with NRT is that you're really just switching the way you receive your nicotine. hopefully i can last the day. I feels like I am doing an endurance test.

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oh gosh, sorry you're having such a rough day:(. Do try and hang in there and just try and focus on your goal. How great you'll feel when you beat this thing.

Try a warm bath if you can and lots of lotion, pamper yourself. Some nice soothing music in the background perhaps??

Hang in there

thanks. i'm trying my best and i refuse to be beaten coming this far. I know the first week is meant to be the hardest. i kind of look at it as if i am sick and it will take a while for me to be better again. thanks again :)

That's a great attitude. Helllsbelles also has some good tips. Doing jumping jacks, shaking out your limbs, give it a shot, can't hurt.

I chose champix because you are not getting any nicotene. Think I'd still be smoking if I was on the patch or anything like that. I'm on day 6 and up to now have been fine. Although last night had a short time where I was agitated and was sharp with hubby. Everyone reacts differently and at different times, but our goal is the same. So keep it up, you've got the right attitude!!

Hang in there. I know exactly how you are feeling now but it is so worth it in the end. Just get the first few days out the way and it will start improving honest.

I would say the first 4 days are the worst but then you will see an improvement.

Keep on this forum for support and you will get through this.

Thanks. 4 days, so i am only half way there now. I'm actually feeling a bit better already but it changes from one minute to the next. I think the idea is to keep busy and keep your mind of it.

Thanks karri. so far so good. still it has been up and down but i seem to be getting more use to it now. i just have to keep going :)

It does seem to be getting easy now. but i know i still have a bit to go yet.. :)

Keep hanging in there Nick. Just remember the bad feelings will go away and you will be so much better off for the rest of your long life!! That's worth a few days of discomfort, isn't it?

have a great night


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