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3 Months Today!!

Yay, it's 3 months exactly to the day that I smoked my last ciggy:D So pleased that I haven't given in, although have felt like it so many times. Want to thank this forum for the times I've needed support and a laugh - and also for something to do with my hands (keyboard)!! Still think about smoking on a daily basis but not with the longing I had a month ago! My longing and passion is now for food (not the healthy variety though) - chocolate, anything sweet and naughty - weight is creeping up :eek: but I was expecting that to happen at some point!

Going to treat myself to something at the shops today to celebrate the 3 month milestone, it's my birthday tomorrow so a double celebration:)

Hope you are all getting on well too xx

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Well done floss, huge achievement, get yourself a lovely treat x


Well done Flossie give yourself a big big treat you deserve it. cheers to the next. 3.

Bet x


Hi Flossie, Well done on your 3 months and a very Happy Belated Birthday to you! Hope you spoiled yourself!!

I too am on Champix, just started on 8/4/11 and had my last cig on 13/4/11 so coming up to one week now. Must say I have not really suffered from much,(at least not yet), except the gas and constipation . I do plan on taking it for the full 3 months as I've been smoking so many years I can use all the help I can get :)

Any advice greatly appreciated!

have a super day and again Congrats!!


Congrats and Happy Birthday Flossie

Well done Flossie treat yourself big time. :)


Well done, keep up the good work and go and treat yourself, you deserve it.


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