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Sorry, I don't smoke

My son and his girlfriend are leaving town for new jobs, so I went to their farewell. I work odd hours, so didn't turn up till gone midnight, and all the youngsters were spilling out on to the street. It was Ladies' Night and the bar was heaving with young drinkers and smokers. As a token grey-hair propped up against a wall, it made me feel exceptionally 'cool' when a sozzled but very tasty looking young thing came up and asked me for a light and I replied without thinking about it: "Sorry, I don't smoke ..."

She looked at me as if I was mad - and obviously uncool. But, I certainly got a high out of it ....

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Oh the joy of those few workds! Well done Lucky!

I long to say that to someone - perhaps not a young tasty sozzled thing of the female persuasion ... but a manly version would do nicely!

Brilliant stuff!


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