No Smoking Day
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2 whole months

Today is 2 whole calender months of no smoking!! wheeeeeeey wheeeeeeey!!

I am not saying it was easy, but not as hard as I thought it would be. there have been times when I nearly caved through personal problems, my mum being very ill with heart problems then cancer, but I just thought a cig wouldn't help so didn't give in, because I was sick of smoking fed up of the stinking filthy habit, yes did I smell like that:mad:. I got up on 15 Feb and just said I'm not doing this any more, see how long I can go without one, an hour turned into a day,then a week and so on, and I just say every day since I am not smoking today. So nothing was planned. I also read Allen Carr after I stopped and agreed with a lot he said. Also I read read read all the information I could on the net, Why quit, about smoking, tales from the quit Joel, and lots more. But most of all reading and posting on here, you guys are the best could not have done it without you:o. So thank you all who have helped. If anyone starting out is reading this you can do it, you are not giving up anything you are setting yourself free. If I can do it after smoking for over 34 years a year off when I was having my daughter YOU CAN!!!!!

Love Bet xx:)

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well done you! you should be so proud, bet your daughter is chuffed to bits with your achievement too!



WELL DONE BET. ITS so inspiring when people dont cave in when times are tough, its so true that smoking doesnt make anything easier and its always good to be reminded of that.



Thank you Debbie Mash and Karri. Good luck Karri hope yours is going ok.



Well done Betty! Here's to the next 2!!



Well done Betty :D


Thank you DD and Chrissie. x


Debbie my daughter is very proud of me. But she smokes and I am trying to get her to quit, she said she will in her own time. You have got want to do it for your self. Bet. x:o


Betty Boo

Well done Betty Boo thats great news. Good luck with the next 3months.


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