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had to fabreeze the door step!

oh dear. i feel silly but it had to be done. well it appears some of my sense of smell has returned. i opened the kitchen window and all i could smell was ashtray. theres not one there but there used to be just outside the window on the concrete door step. really could not stand it so I ended up fabreezing the door step and wall.

then i decided to throw the door mat in the bin too. then i had to of course fabreeze the wheelie bin. smell was just turning my stomach.

yet still i crave a smoke!

this CANNOT be normal?!:confused:

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Hell yeah, it's normal. Your body is rid of nicotene and your nose has come to its senses, which is a good thing and a huge achievement... thing is that most of quitting, as AustinLegro will tell you 'happens in the subconscious'. Once the nicotene is gone you have to retrain your brain not to want cigs, and that is an ongoing thing. Use the ghastly smell as a reminder of how vile it is when you're tempted. Get through the craves one day at a time, keep going!

Febreezing the doorstep ... LOL! :D


erm..the cat is not happy with me anyway! his sunbthing spot was the doorstep i fabreezed. well it didnt work so i did what comes naturally with any woman and a cleaning issue. i rang my mum!

i followed her advice and my cat is now frothing at the mouth poor sod!

its only bicarb soda but he wasnt impressed when he walked right thru it and naturally tied to clean it off. he now has a beard. and it still hasnt worked!!!!

i can still smell ashtray.

had bad afternoon today but beat it by cleaning anything i could reach. i have now rewarded myself with a bag of bombay mix seeing as tho i have some sense of taste back. ick but yum. odd isnt it?

rough day but at least i am still smiling cos i beat it for another day

day 6 here i come...


Hi Debbie

Huge well done for making it through another day and god bless febreze :D

I went through a phase where I was getting phantom ciggie smells - would be out somewhere and convinced I could smell fag smoke :confused: the worst was realising my legs stank then I twigged it was the self tan moisturiser (you know the ones I mean) I still think they smell like wet ashtrays :(


I can hardly breathe for laughing :D This makes brilliant reading :)

glad i could make you smile hun.

ps cat is fine-no harm done!


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