No Smoking Day
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Another one of those moments beaten!

I've not been posting much lately as I've been doing a course in first aid this week.

Had to do a practical test/assessment at the end of the course - I haven't done any kind of exam for years and years and I was seriously bricking it, and naturally I was the last person on the list :rolleyes:

So loads of the candidates were out in the courtyard smoking like chimneys and I admit to having a bit of a moment.

But I didn't give in. I made myself think about how pathetic they looked and how it wasn't really making them any calmer, and I got through it. I got through it mainly because I *knew* I could. And man, that is a good feeling! Not so much resisting the smoke, as having the confidence, even as I felt the urge, to know I could resist it and be fine. Does that make sense?

And I passed - the examiner wrote lots of 'excellent's all over my assessment sheet! I am now a qualified first aider. Yay! :D

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Well done Hels!!

As a First Aid Instructor I can tell you that the dummy will also have appreciated you not smoking!

I know that sounds stupid but I'm serious! Obviously we have to sterilise the dummies between CPR students, but getting the smell of the smoke off is really hard!

So congrats on passing your First Aid at Work - and an even bigger congrats on getting through another trigger moment!


Well done HB i agree with what you say about how pathetic smokers look holding on to their cigarettes for dear life, having to smoke, im so glad to be getting free of that. its a great feeling KNOWING that you can resist these smoking moments. Im off to a meeting and i know there will be a smoke break where i wont smoke. Im looking forward to it. not so long ago i would have been somewhat nervous about it. Well done for passing your exam...



Well done Helen :D


excellent love it


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