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This may help

I have going through some of my old posts looking for something and I saw this when I was stopped 10 weeks It may give you all some encouragement.

I had wrote this at ten weeks.

Hi S**, I had a few hard days but today I've not felt the need to smoke it's like it's suddenly clicked that my body does not need to smoke anymore. If I keep having days like today it will be great.

What date did you stop because I'll be 10 weeks come wednesday which means I'm going into week 11 too.

10 weeks is not long but I had many good days before this.


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Nice! :) I wish I can be as successful as you. Everytime I read posts like this, I am little jealous and a little disappointed for myself. Currently, I smoke occasionally unlike the other year that I can consume as many as 15 cigarettes per day. Now, I only smoke 3-5 per day. I have tried stopping for almost a year now, but the urge always makes me smoke. :o Cheers for your success!

I was the same at one time I would see posts by others who had been stopped a long time and obviously quit. I had aready started my quit but as you said I would wish it was me. Well if you think of it this way I got my wish and if you wish hard enough the same can happen for you.

It's not easy if someone had said to me a month before I stopped I was going to stop I probably would have told them I can't.

Don't give up on giving up if I can do it after 52 tears anyone can.:)



One of the reasons I like these types of places Jack is that you can go back and remember it all. When you start out on anything 10 weeks feels like an eternity, but when you look back you realise how quickly time flies :)

Hey Karri nice to see you posting. Unfortunately I'm not too well today just a flu thing or such so feeling a bit yuk.

I like to tell people to think back to something that happened maybe 3 or 4 months ago and then think how long does it seem since that happened and with most they will say it feels like yesterday.

Time does fly but as you say if you think ahead it seems a long time away. I remember when I first stopped and saw posts from others who were well ahead of me I would think will I ever get there? well you all know the answer.



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