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6weeks 4days

Good Morning all hope everyone is ok and not falling at the roadside. I am doing ok better this week than last. But get this weird sensation in the pit of my tum like a nervy anxious feeling. Any ideas? . I noticed alot of peeps come of the NRT gum or loz and feel crap. Im still taking my loz when needed and dread the thought of coming off them . I feel at the moment that these help me it takes the edge off things. Anyway have a nice day all. LAST FAG: 28/2/11

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Well done Fleetwood, I think with NRT it is best to give it as long as you feel you need it, for some they get off it quickly. I am still on my patches and intend to stay on them for another 3 weeks which will be the full course.

Keep going and taken it one day at a time :)


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