No Smoking Day
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What a day!!!

Argh!!!! Can’t believe I got through yesterday without smoking! Had two interviews yesterday, was only expecting one but as I had booked the day off, I got a call from an agency and got another one in the afternoon! So stressful but I didn’t smoke.

But that’s not the worst of it, on the way home from the second interview I had a car crash! Some stupid woman with kids in her car! Came out of a side road onto a main road that I was driving down, it was a crossroads as she was going to the other road and she drove right out in front of me! I slammed on and managed to get most of the speed out but ended up bumping her into her passenger side door, I think if Id of had another 2 feet to stop I would have avoided her. If I had not of reacted so well though I would have hit her at a much faster speed so would have been way worse. My cars a bit crumpled at the front driver side. I phoned my insurance to report it and because there was no witnesses I was told it may go down as 50/50, which I fumed as as it was totally her fault for pulling out without looking.

But I got a call later in the evening from her insurance saying she had taken responsibility so it would all go through her insurance and I have no excess to pay and it won’t affect my no claims, thank god!

And then I was out having a drink with a smoking mate who was smoking all night, and I still managed not to smoke! What a day! But the interviews both went quite well, lol.

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excellent u didnt smoke and the interviews went well and that her insurance is paying out

shame your car is crumpled and that u had the accident but at least no one was hurt

so if u can get through that u can get through anything

well done proud of you


oh my what a day!

well done for not giving in. hope you get the job tho!


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