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Newbee starting a thread

Hi all, I have notice a few times that a new person coming on here is finding it hard to start a thread. If you are used to using a forum then this is easy but if you have never posted on a forum before it can be confusing.:confused:

First of all find the catagory in which you would like to start a thread.

Examples: Day 1, Day 2, Week 2, Month 1 etc. depending where you are in you quit or where you want to start your thread.

At the top left you will see a blue button "New Thread" click on this and you will see a small box at the top for you title and a large box for you message. Once you have written you message you can preview it by clicking the button below or submit it with the submit button. You can also add smilies by clicking on them.:)

I hope this helps and maybe a mod could make a sticky post like this that could help.


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Great post..:)


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