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The grumps!!!

:mad:God, i'm a grumps.

My poor children are probably wishing they are back at school. I've been moaning now for about 3 hours about every single thing. Everything is getting on my nerves.

[*]The shops don't stock sun glasses for people that DON'T want to look like flies and even if you did want to resemble a bug you can't try them on because they're all connected with security wires and the shop assistant is yapping about her dogs paw!

[*]The lady in Next who pushed my youngest out the way. She didn't see him really but she could've said sorry for scratching his arm with her bag!

[*]The clothes in the shops for keep falling on the damn floor when you walk past!

[*]All the eijits doing 3mph round the car parks looking for a space right next to the shop door!

[*]Tesco haven't got any deals on anything i wanted and the bloody trolley didn't go in a straight line!

*** Even then my eldest stood behind me and i accused him of nosing at what i'm writing.

I know i won't have a ciggie. I don't even want one. I just want the 'wanting' to go away and leave me alone :(

Think i'll go to bed for a kip. Everythings better after a little sleep well thats what my nan used to say. Lets hope it's true. :o

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I've just compared my post to the one i left this morning.

How very different.

Talk about mood swings :confused:


all part of the process luv..cryin and sleeping wrked best for me in month 1. keep going it will get better!! i promise..take it easy on yourself..i still get grouchy sometimes and i figured out it had nothing to do with just a grumpy person!!:o


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