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No Smoking Day
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Day 8. Sense of smell returned. Am ashamed!

This is my first post. I am on day 8 and so far haven't had any real problems as such. I am on patches, held on with surgical tape (any tips on getting these to stick would be great). I am in it for the long haul as i am sooo determined.

I had, what i thought was going to be, a huge hurdle on saturday (day 6) when we went to the pub to watch the Grand National. I was having a personnal panic about how i was going to cope with the whole 'drinking alcohol and not smoking' thing.

I usually drink Bacardi & diet coke but i thought maybe that taste and fags go hand in hand so when we got there i ordered a vodka, fizzy orange and a slice of lime instead (:p very Del boy) and suprisingly i was totally fine.

Having a refreshing drink on a summers day feeling clean and fresh myself it was actually a really really nice feeling. :)

And the best bit about it was when some smokers came back inside after having a ciggie, i couldn't bear the smell. All they did was walk back in the bar. They wasn't even close to me or speaking to me but all i could smell was ash trays. I was disgusted with myself for having put other people through that experience for so long.

Also when doing the ironing the day before (day 5) i was sorting through the clean clothes when i held a top under my chin and i could smell smoke. I sniffed a pair of jeans and they smelt too. ***This is clean washing waiting in the utility room to be ironed.*** After going through the whole lot and sticking it back into the washing machine. I realsied i have been sending my children to school in these clothes smelling of smoke. How shameful! :o

I spent sunday doing nothing but cleaning and airing the house!

I wish i had believed people when they first told me... :(

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Hi Karen and welcome on board :D

Keep those smells and feeling to the forefront of your mind for a while as they'll really help you in your quit.

I felt ashamed as you did, i posted this a little while ago and now look back on it if i'm having a bad crave moment as it reminds me of what i was ie selfish........



Just read your post AFTER I had posted a very similiar one regarding the whole smell thing!!!

Now we all smell just gorgeous!!!


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