No Smoking Day
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Start of day 3 AGAIN!

Hi people.. this is my millionth try at giving up smoking. well maybe not a millionth but it feels like it lol! I'm craving a bit more than yesterday but I just keep distracting myself..looks like i'm gonna have to fix my signature as well, how embarrassing it is to look at the times i have failed in black and white there :(.. ah well, i'm learning to be gentle with myself and take it easy on myself this time.. that doesnt mean i'm going to cave in it just means accepting each crave and putting that one behind me. and know that they will stop (or mostly stop) eventually!

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Hang in there

I've quite few times before too. The longest going without a smoke for 6 months. I wish you the best and hope this time you can keep on staying quit. I know I am. I'm doing great for not smoking since Thursday...


Hi Whirly. Congratulations on making the decision, and wishing you every success. I think most of us have made numerous attempts - as Karri says, don't worry about that. This is a new quit, and this time you CAN do it!


many thanks all of you, yes i will be concentrating on this quit. whats done is done :) x


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