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I nearly forgot

Hi people

Haven't been on for ages and the reason is I forgot.

I forgot that I used to smoke and that I used to come on here for support when I quit. When I realised today that I quit just over 4 weeks ago I got a bit of a shock. Anyway it's been great not smoking (fresh air lots of spare money) and I just hope that everyone is doing just as good.

See you all in another month (if I remember):D

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Wow - now that's a positive post! Definitely something for those of us in the early days to aim for! :D



That is brilliant and congrats :D



That is absolutely wonderful and I'm really pleased for you. It'd be really nice though, if rather than simply not bother with the forum anymore that you passed on your help and advice to others who aren't finding it so easy or are newer to their quit.

This place is about helping each other.


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