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Hello all

Me again on the hunt for some help and advice!

I am the same as a lot of the threads on here at the moment and finding the warm weather a bit hard! I think I would love to be sat in a beer garden with a beer and a smoke!!!

Anyway thats not what this thread is about. I'm on day 71, feeling extremely pleased with myself, but I seem to be thinking about a smoke more and more. In the early days I did have the nicotine withdrawal wierd dreams, but just the other night I had such a vivid dream where I smoked all the way through it that I actually woke up thinking I was a smoker and my quit was the dream and my smoking life had returned!!! It was so strange.

I'm away next week with my wife, kids and in laws who although used to smoke loads have cut down a lot, ironically taking insipiration from my quit! (thats the in laws not the wife and kids) They still have a smoke now and again and I'm a bit apprenhensive that I will be very tempted especially if this weather continues?

Anyway thats it for me, thanks for all the advice and guidance already given

Take care

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Hey Shaun,

Congrats on your 71 days :cool:

My rant....when is the effing site gonna embrace stickies as a useful aid for quitters seeking information :mad:

*and breathe*

This link should give you a plausible explanation why you are having smoking dreams. As ever, it's only one suggestion and therefore if you find something else to explain your dreams then please add that knowledge to the Forum.

Keep on keepin' on,



Thanks Cav

Much appreciated, that has allayed my fears somewhat, as I didn't have the "hey that was great" dream, "I must smoke again"

Take care and once again thanks for that link :)


Hey Shaun,

I've been struggling with the weather, but it's improving. I think you just have to work through it and treat it as a trigger that just hasn't been encountered before thanks to our miserable British weather!

I was in a pub garden yesterday watching a couple at the next table chaining them. And far from feeling jealous, I was thinking about how much money was going up in smoke, and how their clothes would smell, and just what a ludicrous thing it was to keep breathing in all that crud. I've been having weird yearnings for several days... actually watching those people smoking their heads off killed the cravings stone dead. So you might find it easier than you think!

Stay strong.



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