Day 2

On day 2...I really like this fourm Iam new to it. I have been using thrive lozenges and use about 3 or 4 a day. Im pumped about quiting for good. Iam 26 years old..married and have a child on the way!. What more better time to quit? Any advice would be great...The only things so far have been a bit of dizzyness..but go away..and Like I said iam using the lozenges.

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  • Welcome and well done.:D

    This site has been such a great help for me and I am sure it will for you. There is a tips section which covers great ideas for keeping your hands busy such as drinking straws and making sure you drink plenty of water.

  • Day 2

    Roughly when do you think the cravings will stop? Thanks for the positive feedback..

  • my craving history.

    My intense cravings lasted about 3-4 days, then half as intense for remainder of week 1, week 2 quite often but not intense and easy to manage then by the end of wk 2 no longer cravings just thoughts of smoking. week 3and 4 still had thoughts of smoking but with long periods between them. im now moving into wk5 and yes i do get thoughts of smoking but its more about association, like having a glass of wine or a beer with a mate that still smokes, so i just remind myself that i dont smoke anymore and become willing to have the experience, done that a few times and now its a doddle, in fact i look forward to these times and mark them off as another success .one more conditioned response done differently. i.e without a cigarette. and its all just one day at a time, i dont want to run before i can walk, or get over confident. A tip i learned is to visualize yourself in a smoking situation and saying no , practice makes perfect. Such a little thing but Its saving my life and life without the vile weed is ssooooo much better.

    All the best. Mashx:)

  • Hi, you've got the best reason for quitting, yeah a baby!!!!

    I hope it all goes well for you, and keep posting and reading as i have found this forum to be fantastic. Im on day 10 now using patches and im no longer getting cravings, just thoughts of smoking but only a few which pass quite quickly.

    Keep us updated on how your doing x:D

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