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Empty headedness!!!!

Although things have improved very slightly since day 1, I have been suffering sustained periods of what I would describe as "empty headedness" once again today :mad::mad::mad:,which I believe are a normal part of nicotine withdrawal.

Does anyone have a rough estimate on how long i can expect this to go on for?

I havent been able to take my mind off cigarettes this afternoon and evening :( but I'm determined not to crack).

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My overall state of health is good , but I'll go and see the doc if things dont improve.


day 7 also feeling an empty head

i am also feeling the same not with it at all,i have tried to quit lots of times in the past and i have had this awful feeling before,not sure if it is the withdrawal along with the patches with me,i do have a lot of stress at the moment which does not help but looking back i think was feeling better around the end of the second week and feeling more alert,today has been the worst of all for me but i am sure we wont have long to go until this passes so lets keep going and look forward to better days as i do know exactly what you mean i do not want a ciggy i just want the awful zombie feeling to go,hope tomorrow is a better day for you


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