No Smoking Day
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I have now not smoked for 2 whole calendar months! That's 8 weeks, 3 days, 5 hours and 20 minutes.


I have also now been off the NRT gum for a fast-approaching 72 hours. Where I felt AWFUL the first day and marginally dreadful the second, this morning I am full of the joys of spring again and back to my normal lovely nice self! ;)

Lo (bit of a reference to Shakespeare there hope you all got it). Anyway... Lo, is that noise I hear the sound of all my staff disagreeing with me and running for cover?

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Congratulations and Celebrations, dah, dah, dah, dah (Cliff song but i don't know all the words:rolleyes:)

That's an excellent milestone, no going back now, onwards and upwards :D


Congratulations and well done!

This is a fab post to read in a morning. You truly are a non smoker!!!!!!

Here's to many more days, months and of course years of breathing fresh air and being healthy, feeling good and smelling lovely!! and having more £££££'s

Have a great day xxxxxxxxxxxx


Is this a non-smoker i see before me?! (geddit?;))

Yay Dale so chuffed for you. 2 WHOLE MONTHS - i literally cant imagine what that is tell me tell me:)


Thanks chaps and chapesses - big grin on my face!

Lula, I'm certain you need a "Lo" on the beginning of that!:D


Well done Dale sounds like you are doing absolutely great, keep it up:)



i got another one...

"All that glisters is not (B&H) gold" :p:p:p


Hey Hey Dale

Huge congratulations on your excellent achievement.........its all down hill from here!!!:D

If you squint a little I think that will be the Penthouse you can see in the distance......its getting closer andf closer!


Really well done Dale :D


To smoke, or not to smoke, that is the question.

Whether tis healthier in the lungs to suffer the coughs and splutters of outrageous breathing

Or to take arms against this foul addiction

And by opposing, end it.

Er... no brainer really, isn't it?

WELL DONE YOU!!!! Many, many congratulations. Mmmmmmmwah, darling xxx


Keeping to the theme...

'Action is eloquence.'

Shakespeare - Coriolanus

and my fav...

'There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.'

Shakespeare - Hamlet

Congrats in winning these battles, Dale, soon the War will be won :cool:


Thanks everyone. :D

Aren't we a cultured lot... Hels you had me screaming with laughter for a good 10 mins. In fact so much so OH commented on the 'squeaking' he kept hearing... he's a bit deaf and refuses to wear his hearing aids!

Cav: The Coriolanus one brought back memories of A levels (a very very long time ago!)! urrgh!


Et tu St Bruno?

(I'll get me cloak...)


I can't come up with something witty and clever but sending you over a massive congrats and bar of cadbury's fruit and nut to celebrate :)

You're doing great :D


Well done Dale :D:D:D


Well done Dale. Your happiness and positivity is bouncing from my screen and rubbing off on me :D

Gaynor x


Thank you all so much. Touched.


Congrats female DD

Didn't mean to miss you there. Two months is a very good quit, keep it strong.



A really big congrats to you DD Won't be long behind you, so keep a place for me in the penthouse. xx:D


Thanks Betty! I notice it's your 8 weeks tomorrow - I think if I can add up properly!! YYYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSS! Fantastic!!

Come and join the Fabulous Febbers - I duuno how to do a link to another thread! so Search on Fabulous Febbers. So far there's Royaldecameron, C266 and me!


Yes DD 8 weeks but 2 calendar months on Friday. Whooooooopie xx:)


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