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No Smoking Day
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A very challenging situation

Hi every one!

Yesterday (Sunday) was a very nice and sunny day here. was siiting with a group of friends at a cafe NIRO terrace, facing the sun and having an expresso.... I would have loved a ciggy and one of my friends was in fact smoking...I was soooo tempted to ask him for one, not that I needed or had a craving noooo, but it was more like i want it. I had to run away as it was tooo tempting ......

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Doesn't matter that you ran, it's probably the first time you'd been in a situation like that since your quit and you handled it the way you thought best, the main point is that you DIDN'T smoke .....so a pat on the back to you, well done :D

In time you'll be able to handle these situations with more confidence but until then run run run...... anything as long as you don't smoke :D


Hi remorse

Frankly I think you did brilliantly and absolutely the right thing. For me I have decided that whatever it takes is what I will do for the first 12 months. ANYTHING is better than smoking. So if that means running from smoking friends, then byeeeeee!

So good for you for recognising something that could have been your downfall and dealing with it!


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