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No Smoking Day
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Feel good feeling :-)

I have gone over my month mark and even tho I was feeling low I have come right back up :-D

I felt like I really wanted to go out and smoke and I was thinking of everything that was bad.

But I woke up this morning and felt happy.. I had a lovely card off my son yesterday and my partner made us a lovely dinner :-D (even if I was the one left with the washing up he he he he )

But I felt so happy :-D I heard off my Nan and my auntie and I think that made me feel that bit better as well as having my partners mother and brother come over :-)

I'm just really happy :-D

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Im so happy for you,cards and all that puts the gold star on and makes it all worth it. Im reaching 1mnth tomorrow, its a proper milestone. gonna treat myself to snazzy haircut i think.:D



Oooooo bet it looks good :-) all the money I am saving from not smoking is going on the whole family :-P


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