Day 4 and going strong!!!

Hi all, yeah iv made it to day 4!!!!

God knows how after yesterday, it was the day from hell (problems on the home front) but i refrained from the cigs which i think i have overcome a massive hurdle. If ican go without cigs when i am highly stressed then its all onwards and upwards.

At last i slept, took my patch of before bed. And i didnt crave first thing this morning. Still get the odd craving but it does pass when ignored

Im very very very very proud of myself.

woo hooo!!!

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  • Well done Jo, massive achievement by the sound of it!

    Fags don't actually help with a stressful situation, we all know that in our heads but...! So very well done you and you're right to be proud!

    keep up the good work, and keep posting. Love your happy posts!

  • Hi all, yeah iv made it to day 4!!!!

    Im very very very very proud of myself.

    And so you should be! Well done on getting through a bad day - it must be a big boost, just knowing you can do it!

    Hope Day 4 is less stressful!! :)

  • Haha Jo, you sound like you had a terrible Day 3 as I had. I am on Day 6 and feel great :)

    If you got through that you can get through anything

    Well done :)

  • Thanks for your encouragement. You'll all be pleased to hear i havent gone crazy and turned into a mad woman. Although if i keep chewing wrigleys like i am i could start looking a little strange.

    Anyway today has been a breath of fresh air (literally) Lol!!!! Its been so much easier. very few cravings that have passed as soon as they came. Its all good. Im noticing that i can smell things more easily (may not always be a good thing hahahaha).

    Good luck to you all and lets keep this quit forever.xxxxxxx happy happy happy xxxxxxxx

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