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1 week gone!

It is exactly 1 week since I had my last stick and it seems to have flown by. As this is my umpteenth attempt at quitting, it maybe has been a little easier to deal with as I know I can at least get this far without too many problems. I have only had the odd craving this week, but I have certainly had the odd time when I have felt very irritable and snapped very quickly.

Keep up the good work everybody!


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Well done Woody! I don't think it matters how many times you've quit before (and most of have had rather more than one attempt!!) the first 3 days are still a b*tch!

So well done you and good luck with the coming week!


That's fantastic Woody, and well worth celebrating!

Congratulations on your smoke free week! :D


Great news Woody you can do it! x:)


Nice one Woody.

If you can do a week...

Good luck!


Very well done ,i agree ,it doesnt matter how many quit attempts you do its all alearning curve and it would be rotten to think we had to carry on smoking forever, its like learning to walk you have to fall down a few times before getting up and staying up.NO point saying theres no point trying to walk iv tried it once ,and i fell down so im staying down:p



Congratulations Woody!!!!

1 whole week, thats fab. Forgot your other attempts, they dont matter, its this attempt that matters now. Hour by hour, day by day and now week by week, well done.

Im not far behind you, im looking to you for inspiration so keep it going (not that im trying to put you under more pressure lol!)

I think you deserve a treat xxx:o


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