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Bad night!


Morning, Its day 3 today which is exciting but last night i was tossing & turning again all night. I think maybe the patch will have to come off at bedtime tonight.

Other than that i feel great to be on Day 3. never ever thought i would make it this far without a ciggarette.

And its mothers day so hopefully my little rascals will keep me busy today.

Love Jo

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Hi Jo

I did patches to start with and took them off at night because I just wasn't sleeping. My logic was that I didn't smoke when asleep and that as long as I put it back on first thing I could get through the 30 inutes or so before it started to do it's stuff!

Have a good Mother's Day, and keep on going, your posts are so uplifting!

Well done Jo!

Can't advise on the sleep problems I'm afraid - I only ever used the 16 hour patches, and you're already doing a damn sight better with patches than I ever did! :o.

Have a lovely Mother's Day - you deserve extra special spoiling for doing so well!:D

Thankyou, Divingdale im going to take my patch off at bedtime. Sarahscary, thanks for the encouragment.

Iv surprised myself, really thought it would be harder. I got myself prepared for a huge battle of willpower before my quit day. Iv started with a little cough but again nothing bad.

Here's to another good day and Happy Mothers to all you special mothers on this forum xxxx

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